You’re invited to join us for The $avvy Woman seminar

HM's lunchtime inspiration session

At Hear and Say Ashgrove, Wednesday 12 June 2019 from 12pm

Be prepared to be inspired!

Take some time out for YOU – enjoy a complimentary lunch with 3 keynote speakers focusing on mind, body and finance!

Best of all, the only cost to you is a $10 cash donation to Hear and Say. You’ll be helping deaf children to listen and speak via early intervention.

Make a difference both for yourself and for the wonderful children of Hear and Say.

No jargon. No sell. Just a great time with like-minded $avvy women.

Book your place using the simple form

Hurry – seats are limited!

Register the other $avvy women in your life! Your mum, your sisters, your friends... anyone who’ll enjoy hearing from inspirational women.


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Hear from our inspirational women speakers

Mindset to BrainFlex
– Live the life you want

Together we’ll explore the thought patterns that will help give you the tools to realise the life you want to lead.

  • ‘Mindset to BrainFlex’ – the power of understanding how your mind works
  • Design vs Default – the power to design your life on your terms
  • The Law of Attraction – the power of FOCUS to get what you want!

$avvy Money Mindset
– 3 keys to your best life

Together we’ll gain clarity around the importance and value of women talking about money for a life of freedom.

  • Cashflow Matters – the power to maximise your goals
  • $avvy Strategising – the power of working smarter, not harder, with your $$$
  • Empowerment of Advice – the power of informed choices to live your best life

Positive Movement
– Exercise to maximise!

Together we’ll delve into strategies for better physical wellbeing and understanding the links between mind, body & finance.

  • Positive Impacts – the powerful interrelation of movement with mindset
  • Freedom of Movement – the power of mobility for quality of life
  • Powerful Steps – the next steps to the best version of you!